Meet Our Board Members

The Palestinian Students Scholarship Fund is privileged to have an exceptional and committed group of individuals serving on its board. The board’s esteemed members include: Ali Ata, Malek Almassad, Khalil Khalil, Eyad Tabahi, Jamal Abdeljaber, Mohammad Abdallah, Akram Zanayed, Ziad Farhan, Ashraf Darwish, Saleh Sahouri, Kalid Baste, and Bassel Abushaban. Each of these distinguished members brings a vast array of experience and expertise to the organization, playing a crucial role in guiding its operations and ensuring the successful execution of our mission, which is to provide vital support to Palestinian students in their pursuit of higher education.

By combining their unique skills and knowledge, our board members actively contribute to creating an impactful environment for students, paving the way for them to achieve their academic and career aspirations. Their unwavering dedication and hard work exemplify a steadfast commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of these students, empowering them with the necessary resources to excel in their educational journey. Through the collective efforts of our board members, The PSSF aspires to enhance educational opportunities, promote academic excellence, and foster the development of future leaders within the Palestinian community.